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November 13, 2011

Saturn’s Libra Transit for Earth Rasis

Saturn transits to Libra (Tula) in the middle of November, 2011. This post will look at what this means for the Earth Rasis – Taurus (Vrishabha), Virgo (Kanya) and Capricorn (Makara).
To learn about the general characteristics of Saturnine transits, please view my previous post.

Quick Note: The analysis of Saturn’s transits are done from a person’s Rasi – ie, the house in a person’s horoscope that is occupied by Moon. Find your Rasi by using this tool –

Saturn’s transit with the Earth signs are a mixed bag. The Libra transit of Saturn brings an auspicious sixth house transit for Vrishabha Rasi individuals. It augers the last 2.5 yrs of Sade Sati (7.5 year transit of Saturn) for Kanya Rasi individuals. Lastly it is in the tenth house of profession for Makara Rasi individuals.

Taurus (Vrishabha) Rasi
A sixth house transit of an exalted Saturn from Vrishabha where Moon is exalted too is an auspicious transit. Saturn is also a Yogakaraka for he owns the 9th and 10th houses.
During this transit, Saturn influences the eight house of chronic loss, illness; the 12th house of loss; the sixth house of illness & conflicts and the third house of courage and siblings.
Expect gains from inheritance due to the eighth house aspect. Expect improved communications and a firmer backbone to deal with sibling related issues. Expect an increase in material pleasures and expect to win the battles at work with sub-ordinates and overcome any health issues you currently face.
During this transit, Jupiter has three transits of its own. So let’s look at the composite effects in three phases.
Phase one: Upto May 2012
Jupiter and Saturn get into a lock by influencing the same houses – 12, 6, and 8. Since Saturn’s aspect is auspicious this might mean that the fruits of your efforts come easily and up front as related to the matters of these houses. Jupiter’s transit is a 12th house transit and more inclined towards spiritual growth especially since he also aspects the 4th house which is a moksha stana. This might give you a rather spiritual attitude of deattachment towards the progress you make in defeating enemies, resolving conflicts with sub-ordinates, finding a cure to your persisting illnesses and any gains through inheritance.
Phase two: May 2012 – 2013
Jupiter disengages from this planetary lock and moves to the first house of self. While Saturn’s benefits continue to come by, Jupiter’s influence on the fifth house of children, seventh house of spouse, ninth house of spirituality (or father) and house of self mean that the benefits are now also being shared with your family.
Phase three: May 2013 – June 2014
Jupiter and Saturn lock heads again with aspects on the sixth and eighth houses which further leads to an improvements in the matters of these houses. Additinally Jupiter is also in the auspicious second house of wealth and aspecting the tenth house of profession. Hence the last phase of the transit will bring much progress and betterment in your lives.

Virgo (Kanya) Rasi:
For Kanya Rasi individuals, this Libra transit marks the last phase of their sade sati – or the 7.5 year Saturnine transit on their natal Moon.
Saturn aspects the second house of wealth, the eighth house of chronic loss/illness, the fourth house of happiness and the eleventh house of good luck. In many ways this last phase of the sade sati will develop in you a strong sense of detachment. Resources will be constrained and limited and as a result you will need to find creative ways to address the challenges you face. The support of friends will be very welcome during this period.
Since Jupiter has three transits during this period, we will look at the composite results in three phases.
Phase one – Upto May 2012
Jupiter is transiting the eighth house of chronic loss/illness. He shares this eighth house aspect with Saturn as well as those of th second and fourth. So as a result there is a stalemate of sorts. Financial constraints will not immediately bear upon you as a result.
Phase Two: May 2012 – May 2013
Jupiter disengages from the lock and moves to the ninth house. This allows Saturn a free reign in aspecting the areas mentioned above. However Jupiter’s benefic ninth house transit with aspects over the first house of self, the third house of siblings and fifth house of children offer some protection in these areas.
Phase three: May 2013 – June 2014
Jupiter transits in the tenth house of profession and shares aspects with Saturn on houses 2 (wealth and family) and house 4 (happiness, mother). Additionally Jupiter also aspects the sixth house for fortune towards profession. So overall this period helps temper the struggles of the sade sati and offer a tempered exit out of it. Financial resources and familial security will improve and professional outlooks will take a turn for the positive.
Please also ensure to read through the remedial actions (pariharas) listed at the bottom of this post.

Capricorn (Makara) Rasi
Saturn’s Libra transit is a 10th house transit for Makara Rasi individuals with aspects on house #12 (loss), house # 4 (happiness, mother) and house #7 (relationships). Expect to concentrate your resources fixing issues in these areas.
Since Jupiter has three transits during this period, we will look at the composite results in three phases.
Phase one – Upto May 2012
Jupiter shares the following aspects with Saturn: House #10, #4 and #12. This is a fourth house transit for Jupiter which is also not very auspicious. In addition Jupiter aspects the eighth house of chronic issues which might provide some improvement in chronic health issues or chronic debt issues.
Phase two – May 2012 – May 2013
Jupiter disengages from Saturn and moves to the fifth house. He also aspects the ninth, eleventh and first house from here. This can bring opportunities to start a family for Makara Rasi individuals since Jupiter is the natural karaka for children. Saturn has a free reign over his aspects and hence expect an increase in conflict & issue resolution in the affected areas. In particular be aware of issues related to marriage and relationships as well as those of issues related to your mother and tangible assets (house, conveyance etc)
Phase three – May 2013 – June 2014
Jupiter enters the inauspicious sixth house and shares a 10th and twelfth house aspect with Saturn. In addition Jupiter also aspects the
second house of wealth thus ending this composite transit period by bringing a welcome increase in resources and wealth.

Remedial Actions (Pariharas) For Kanya Rasi individuals
Saturnine aspects create an increase in fears and anxieties.
– Maintaining a daily journal to reflect on what you’re feeling / thinking can help you better exercise these fears and anxieties.
– Finding opportunities to be of service to others (volunteering) can do a lot of good in helping combat your fears and anxieties.
– Regular meditation and deep breathing exercises can also help you de-stress and take the focus away from needless worrying.
– Facing problems head-on with an open attitude that is humbling and focused on the needs of others that these problems also impact will help you deal with it better. This is not a time for self-indulgence nor will crying for help help your cause much.
– When acting and serving others, do not expect praise or award.
– Giving regularly to charity on Saturdays – such as feeding of the poor or taking care of dogs will help.
– Visiting a Sani temple and lighting oil lamps will help.
– Go on a Saturday fast where you have only one vegetarian meal and spend some time that day meditating on the characteristics of Saturn (through storytelling or reading Saturn prayers) will help. If possible, read the Dasharatha stothra for Sanishwara every Saturday.
– Most importantly action speaks loudly than words or intent. Practically devote yourself to finding sustainable solutions to all the problems that arise without complaining and with earnestness is key to reducing the challenges of this transit.

NOTE: The above transit based analysis is generic by Rasi. In order to understand what this means specifically to you, it will be important to juxtapose this transit with your natal chart. You may request a detailed analysis by requesting a personal reading for a particular area (Career, Health, Education, Marriage, Children etc).

December 30, 2009

Makara rasi: What’s in store for you in 2010?

Makara rasi: 2-4 pada Uttarashada, Sravana(Thiruvonam), 1st half of Dhanishta

Sani, lord of rasi lagna and second house of wealth is placed in the auspicious ninth house of fortune & foreign travel. He additionally aspects your house of gain and house of illness and subordinates. Sani is in a friend’s house and will be intent in setting the house in order for 2010. If you are inclined to philosophical daydreams or impractical ritualistic practices, expect to grow an aversion to both. Sani, the natural task master will influence you to give charity and be of service to those in need. From a work standpoint this will mean being empathetic to your team members and sub-ordinates. Profits will find themselves being plugged into worthy causes. There will be little tolerance for exuberant spending and this will reinforce your own personality. 2010 can also bring for some of you a healthy dose of travel with Sani in the ninth and aspecting the 11th house of gains and travel. A word of caution: Take care to avoid cold climates and try to keep your fears at bay. This will ensure you don’t succumb to illnesses in 2010.
Rahu / Ketu in the 12/6th axis is perhaps best placed for your Rasi. Both moksha stanas, the sixth also aspected by dharmic Sani will result in you developing a serious curiosity on enforcing traditional practices and knowledge.

Quarter 1: Jan – March
2010 will see you batting to your strengths. Guru in your second house of wealth, as lord of the twelfth, will encourage expenditures towards siblings and charity. You will be far too generous with the allocation of your resources. Guru here counter balances Sani’s conservative tendencies. With Kuja in the seventh for a good part of 2010, aspecting rasi lagna, the second house of wealth [and hence Guru] and the tenth house of profession, you will find a swell of conflicting energies. Relationships will be combative, demanding your time and resources for matters of the family. Elder siblings will demand your attention and will your mother. Travel opportunities will arise in this period. Be cautious and as much as possible try and avoid accidents in your vehicles.

Quarter 2: April to June
Kuja’s inertia broken, he moves to friend Surya’s house to recharge after an uncharacteristically long state of depression. Though in the house of death, some gains can be expected through inheritance.
Guru also progresses to his house of Pisces with a beneficial aspect on your house of relationships and house of gains. The combined aspect will increase your personal finances while improving relationships with your better half.

Quarter 3: July to September
Kuja continues forward to the auspicious house of fortune, and inadvertently upsetting the order of the house that Sani has been looking to rectify, in his slow & steady manner. Decisions might mis-fire and family matters will take precedence. Guru’s benefic aspect on the ninth house however will bring some respite and recognition for your efforts.

Quarter 4: October to December
Kuja joins Shukra in the tenth house of profession, aspecting your rasi lagna and the fifth house of creativity and progeny. You can look forward to applying yourself anew to professional work and experiencing good cheer as a result. Those looking to start a family will find the time auspicious.

Shree Ganeshaya Namah.
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