Saturn’s Libra transit for Air Rasis

Saturn transits to Libra (Tula) in the middle of November, 2011. This post will look at what this means for the Air Rasis – Gemini (Mithuna), Libra (Tula) and Aquarius (Kumbha). To learn about the general characteristics of Saturnine transits, please view my previous post.

Quick Note: The analysis of Saturn’s transits are done from a person’s Rasi – ie, the house in a person’s horoscope that is occupied by Moon. Find your Rasi by using this tool –

Saturn’s transit with the Air signs is much improved upon that over the Fire signs. For Gemini Rasi Saturn owns the auspicious ninth house. For Tula Rasi Saturn is a yogakaraka who owns the 4th and 5th houses. For Kumbha Rasi, Saturn is Rasi lagna lord. Saturn’s natural element is also air and represents the Vata dosha common to Air signs. So while Saturn is comfortable transiting these signs, that are owned by his friends (Venus and Mercury), it’s Moon’s own discomfort that causes much of the transit related problems.

Mithuna Rasi
So let’s begin with Gemini Rasi individuals. The transit of Saturn in Libra is in the fifth house from Gemini. This typically indicates illness for children, mental ill-health and decline of wealth. However given that Saturn is also the ninth lord for Gemini, and the ninth lord is the fifth from fifth, my sense is that this transit will also bring fortune to those looking to start a family. Saturn from Libra also aspects the second, seventh and eleventh houses from the moon. Hence the impact on wealth is evident through the second and seventh house influence. Jupiter’s aspect from Mesha (the eleventh house) on this fifth house is a benefic one. This will last till May 2012. When Saturn and Jupiter are opposite one another, my sense is that this creates a stalemate situation – so it could neutralize both negative and positive outcomes. Jupiter and Saturn both during this period (Nov 11 – May 12) influence the 11, 5 and 7th houses. Hence matters related to gains, children and spouse / relationships will experience a stalemate. As Jupiter progresses (May 2012- May 2013) and in turn disengages from this stalemate, these areas can cause intermittent troubles. Gemini Rasi individuals can expect an increase in travel, expenditures that are forced (pay up loans, or children-related expenses for eg) and an increase in fears & anxieties in one’s relationships. Towards the third and concluding end of Saturn’s transit (May 2013 – May 2014), Jupiter’s progression to Gemini will once again enforce a stalemate on matters related to children and relationships (spouse).
In short this transit of Saturn for Gemini Rasi individuals will bring a considerable amount of constrictions in the way of expenditures and excessive travel that will also be peppered with good fortune and positive outcomes during the first and last periods of this 2.5 year transit.

Tula Rasi
Tula Rasi Individuals account for Saturn as their yogakaraka because he owns both a kendra and a kona house. As a result, even though they are experiencing the peak of Sade-Sati as a result of this Libra transit, the intensity of Saturn will be low. Nevertheless this is a period that calls for a high level of discipline where the mind is duly exercised in regular measures. Tula Moon is a weak and disgruntled one and hence Saturn’s influence will only add to the doom & gloom. It is all about perceptions – Tula Rasi individuals might use the Saturnine influence to conjure up all sorts of ills happening to them that might not really reflect their reality. Jupiter’s initial transit in Mesha with a direct influence on Tula up to May 2012 will considerably ease the initial phase of this transit. As Jupiter transits Taurus, the constriction on one’s mind will become that much more obvious. This will last about a year from May 2012 – May 2013. The year that follows will find Jupiter in Gemini once again bringing balance to Saturn’s influence.
Regular meditation and charity wherein you are of service to others will help Libra Rasi individuals best ward off any mental struggles that this sade-sati period brings.

Kumbha Rasi
Saturn’s transit to Libra marks a ninth house transit for Kumbha Rasi individuals. After the previous Ashtama Sani transit, this transit will certainly be an improvement on that. Kumbha Rasi individuals will find themselves better able to handle conflicts at work. Any continuing illness will get better attention and treatment. Foreign travel and relations with friends, elder and younger siblings will improve. Once again it helps to reflect on the type of improvement – Saturnine influences encourage you to be of service to others. As the natural karaka of work, Kumbha Rasi individuals will find themselves engaged in developing good and lasting relationships with their friends and siblings.
On the basis of Jupiter’s transit we can divide the Saturnine transit influence into three periods. The first period upto May 2012 and the last period May 2013- Jun 2014 we can expect to be better than the intermediate period from May 2012 to May 2013.
In the first period, the focus will be on travel and relationships (friends, siblings). There will be more challenges and conflict at work and to your personal health – however you will find the resources to combat these effectively. Now is not the time to ignore or avoid conflict.
The second period of May 2012 to May 2013, we see Jupiter move to the fourth house from the Kumbha Moon. One can expect a promotion at work that reflects the work and commitment demonstrated in the previous months. There can also be opportunities to invest in property and conveyances. Remember to approach all such investments with utmost caution and careful deliberation.
The last period of the Libra transit will once again bring about renewed attention on travel with an emphasis on spiritual endeavours. Remember that there are four goals – purusharthas – for human beings: Material goals (Artha), Relational goals for love and affection (Kama), Sense of purpose (Dharma) and spiritual freedom (Moksha). Saturnine transits offer plenty of opportunities to reflect on where you are spending all your resources towards and which areas are being negated. In this last period of transit, focusing on spiritual endeavours can help you give back to those around you.

NOTE: The above transit based analysis is generic by Rasi. In order to understand what this means specifically to you, it will be important to juxtapose this transit with your natal chart. You may request a detailed analysis by requesting a personal reading for a particular area (Career, Health, Education, Marriage, Children etc).

Coming up next: Saturn’s Libra Transit for Water Rasis


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