Thula rasi: What’s in store for you in 2010?

Thula rasi: 2nd half of Chitra, Swati, 1-3 pada Vishaka

Thula rasi individuals are under the first stage of Saturnine influence with Saturn placed in their house of loss. With an aspect on the house of wealth and that of fortune, Saturn means business. This triangle of influence across houses of artha, dharma and moksha, Saturn is ready to teach through example – your example. For Thula rasi individuals however, Saturn is also a yoga karaka – therefore expect beneficial events around family, mother, property, conveyances, children and higher education through out this seven and half year period.
Rahu/Ketu apply themselves in the 3/9 axis. Estrangement from siblings is possible. Ketu in the ninth house of spirituality under the aspect of Saturn will see you take a practical approach to developing your spirituality. Little time or effort will be spent in rituals and more time will be spent in reflection and charity work.
Quarter 1: Jan – March
As a natural putrakaraka, and lord of the sixth house of disease for Thula lagna, Jupiter in your fifth house of creativity and progeny will result in a mixed bag. Those looking to start a family or with children will find Jupiter in the fifth house beneficial, however be prepared for incur expenses as a result. Jupiter also aspects the ninth house and rasi lagna. The former will lend to wise expenditures towards charity, and the latter will bring you credibility at work and increase your visibility.
Mars’s longish stint in debilitation in your tenth house work that strengthens relationships and potentially creates value/wealth. As a maraka for Tula rasi, this is also a time to tread cautiously since Mars also aspects the rasi lagna. However, the aspect of Jupiter on the Tula rasi lagna works as a counter-balance. Mars being the lord of your spouse aspecting Jupiter, the natural putrakaraka also indicates progeny.
Quarter 2: April – June
Mid-quarter, both Jupiter and Mars move forward. For Jupiter it is to return to his house of Meena (Pisces), the sixth house for Thula Lagna. For Mars, it is out of debilitation and into friend’s house – Simha. This is a time for gains. Jupiter, a natural putrakaraka is squarely influencing Saturn, the lord of progeny for Tula lagna individuals and vice-versa. Mars, lord of wealth is in the house of gain, aspecting his own house of wealth. Jupiter doubly reinforces the increments in your personal finance and assets by aspecting the second house of wealth and the house of profession.
Quarter 3: July – September
The third quarter of 2010 brings Mars, Saturn and Jupiter into one room. For Thula rasi individuals, Mars and Saturn come together indicating progeny. Jupiter’s aspect confirms this.
Quarter 4: October – December
Venus, lord of Thula spends almost all of this quarter and some of the previous in her own house. When joined by Mars, it could result in a heavy concoction – albeit a bit more than you asked for. Jupiter’s calming influence will temper this down in November after which even he will move along. And so should you.

Shri Ganeshaya Namah.
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